About Us

Distance Education is no longer new to India. The population of the country is multiplying year fast. The number of persons desirous of getting higher education is also increasing in the same proportion. But it is not possible for the government to provide traditional college for all of them. For catering to the need of such persons the system of distance education has been evolved. Such in formal education is being provided and propagated-for the last 40-50 years. The system of distance education was adopted in western countries like England, America etc, when the problem of increasing population arose there. In our country too the system of distance education was adopted in a similar situation. The Directorate of Distance Education, Patna University was establishment in 1974 with the purpose of providing higher education through correspondence and distant learning methods to such persons, who though possessing necessary educational qualifications, were unable to join any regular college. Those persons, who are engaged in some service of business, can also get themselves admitted to the directorate and receive higher education. It is also a book for those females who have no frequent opportunities due to engagements in house hold works.

The mode of imparting instruction through Distance Education has been found useful, effective and less expensive in almost all developed countries and also in many universities in our own country. The study material (or lessons) is carefully planned and prepared by a team of efficient experienced and devoted teachers. The printed study materials are made available to the students at regular intervals. Well-planned lessons with necessary instruction, illustrative example, thought provoking exercises and test questions act both as text book and teacher to the students. After studying the lessons and recommended reading materials, the students are required to solve exercise and answer the test questions and send them to the Directorate. The answer sent by the students are known as Response sheets. The Directorate arranges to return the Response Sheets to the students concerned after correction, evolution and suggestions for improvement by the teacher, the students may also refer to the difficult points, if any in their lessons for further clarification by teachers. This type of two-way communication between teachers and the students is really an essential feature of this distant learning.