Prof.  K. C. Sinha
Vice Chancellor, Patna University
Dr. Salim Jawed
Director, Patna University

Patna University is the seventh oldest University of India, with the richest of academic traditions. The best students from all over the Eastern Region and Abroad have always sought to be educated in this University. We would like it to regain its past glory and rise to new heights through modernization and all-round development. Special efforts are required for achieving high academic excellence. Qualitative change in Higher Education is possible only through radical means including incorporating Information Technology / e-Governance, adopting a policy of social inclusion and making quantitative as well as qualitative changes in teaching, research & development activities. We would need synergistic efforts and cooperation from all quarters for achieving this distinction, so that we may provide quality education to all our students.

The Directorate of Distance Education, Patna University was established in 1974, has been one of the pioneering institutions of its kind in eastern India. It has been striving to extend the reach of higher education to different sections of the Society.
The Students have been studying the same syllabi and are subjected to the same regulations as that of the regular students of Patna University. The degree awarded is also the same. Over the years, it has undergone several changes in order to give benefit to the students more so that they do not feel themselves alienated at any stage. In the fast changing world and the advent of new age of technologies, this institution is also transforming itself to meet the desirous role to excel in the field of higher education. This institution has started the online admission facility from this session to ease the woes of the students and committed for the betterment of students at large. Wishing good luck and progress for all their endeavor.